Sunday, May 04, 2008

Digging The Ditch

Warner's has reportedly picked up rights to a sci fi adventure spec script by noted producer Sascha Penn called The Ditch.

According to Variety the film is set in the distant future and takes place in a pretty unique location. "Set in the future, a super maximum-security prison has been constructed on Jupiter's moon where Earth's worst criminals are incarcerated. When a prison guard's family is taken hostage, he is coerced into helping the facility's most notorious terrorist, a man who was scheduled to be executed that day, escape."

I wonder which moon it is? Titan maybe? Anyhow, it sounds like a cool enough premise. I do like sci fi prison movies, as evidenced by my unending love for the Christopher Lambert opus Fortress...

This is his first spec film script sold, so I will definitely wish Penn luck. Sounds like it could be cool. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

Are you joking about the 'unique location.' It sounds a bit rehashed if you ask me...though I too will be very excited to see it. I'm a sucker for mindless gems of movies.

But that's just my opinion.


Chappy said...

What I meant by original location was that you never see films based around Jupiter. I understand that the prison setting might be silly or overplayed (although really its not). It's the Jupiter thing that caught me.

Other than Ben Bova's loosely connected planets series of books, no one ever seems to tell stories about anywhere in the solar system EXCEPT for Mars. I am sick of Mars. Jupiter (or one of its moons) is interesting in itself.