Monday, May 26, 2008

Enemy and Crusoe

While NBC already had their official upfronts, they recently announced a number of start dates for their fall season and in it they gave a bit more info on two of their new shows: My Own Worst Enemy, the spy show starring Christian Slater; and Crusoe, the updated Robinson Crusoe story, starring Philip Winchester, and featuring the newly announced cast members Sam Neill and Sean Bean. here's a part of what they had to say, read the full press release here:

"In "My Own Worst Enemy," Henry Spivey (Christian Slater, "Bobby") is a middle-class efficiency expert living a humdrum life in the suburbs with a wife, two kids, a dog, and a minivan. Edward Albright is an operative who speaks 13 languages, runs a four-minute mile, and is trained to kill with his teeth. Henry and Edward are polar opposites who share only one thing in common -- the same body. When the carefully constructed wall between them breaks down, Henry and Edward are thrust into unfamiliar territory where each man is dangerously out of his element. "My Own Worst Enemy" explores the duality of a man who is literally pitted against himself. And it raises the question: who can you trust when you can't trust yourself? Mike O'Malley ("Yes, Dear") and Saffron Burrows ("Boston Legal") also star. The series is produced by Universal Media Studios. Jason Smilovic ("Kidnapped") is the executive producer; David Semel (director of the "American Dreams," "Heroes" and "Life" pilots) is the director and executive producer.

The new landmark series "Crusoe" is an epic and ambitious take on Daniel Defoe's legendary tale that finds the dashing and resourceful Crusoe (Philip Winchester, "Thunderbirds") after many years of being a castaway on a desert island with his companion Friday (casting to follow). Written by Stephen Gallagher ("Eleventh Hour") and directed by Duane Clark ("CSI: NY"), "Crusoe" follows the adventures of the two island dwellers while looking in flashback at Crusoe's life before he was thrown into an isolated existence filled with danger and adventure. Among those are his tragic childhood with widower father James (Sean Bean, "The Lord of the Rings"), the blossoming relationship with the love of his life, Susannah (Anna Walton "Hell Boy: the Golden Army") and his entrepreneurial aspirations under the watchful eye of family friend, Jeremiah Blackthorn (Sam Neill, "The Tudors," 'Jurassic Park"). Overcoming marauding militias, hungry cannibals, wild cats, starvation and apocalyptic lightning storms on his seemingly idyllic island, Crusoe dreams of the day he will be reunited with his beloved family. The executive producers are Justin Bodle for Power, Michael Prupas for Muse and Genevieve Hofmeyr for Moonlighting."

My Own Worst Enemy is premiering on Monday September 29th, from 10pm - 11pm, and Crusoe is premiering on Friday September 17th from 8pm - 10pm. The network also announced some info on shows that I'm not going to mention like Knight Rider and Kath and Kim, but meh, read it if you like. From what I can tell those first two are the only new shows I really care about on NBC for this coming Fall. But of course they've still got their returning shows like Heroes, which will kick off with 3 hours on September 22nd.

More on these as we get closer to the Fall, for now relax and enjoy the summer :)

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