Monday, May 26, 2008

Runaway to the big screen

Add one more film to the Marvel plate please. Runaways has been announced as in development at Marvel Studios. Probably not a familiar a comic title with most people Runaways is a series that only began in 2002. But since that time it has gained a pretty strong following. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film is being written by Y the Last Man author and Runaways creator Brian K Vaughn.

While I haven't gotten around to reading any of the series myself yet :( Now is probably the perfect time. The series itself follows a group of runaway teenagers who embarrassed by their supervillain parents have decided to become a loose band of superheroes. They are street kids and all anti-heroes is a traditional sense. Like Vaughn's other work it sounds very smart and fun. And despite not having a long standing pop culture presence I think Marvel won't have any problem getting a film like this looking good. Although if you ask me I could see it making a great tv show. but hey, what do I know, I haven't even read it.

Sounds cool regardless; and I have faith that Marvel knows what they are doing. It looks like most of the Runaways comic have been collected and released in Marvel's digest form, which are about the size of your standard Archie comic, and are usually aimed at slightly younger readers. I don't know if that makes them harder to find but it should make them cheaper at least.

Anyhow, I think it sounds cool. We'll see what becomes of it, as its probably a ways off yet.

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