Friday, May 16, 2008

Great new G.I.Joe pics

Paramount and Hasbro have been pretty good about keeping fans as happy as can be with regards to the new G.I. Joe movie. Other than a few changes like the costumes, I think the film sounds like its shaping up to be a real winner. Then again I'm a pretty big fan to begin with. :)

Last week though, Paramount went on a one day media blitz across the web, releasing new pictures of a number of characters as single pic exclusives to various sites. The pictures gave us some more insight into especially what some of the maybe more minor characters will look like. That said its a bit of a bitch tracking them all down.

Latino Review had a great new pic of Storm Shadow - pic
IGN had a new one of the Baroness - pic
Dark Horizons had the first pic of Breaker - pic
SuperheroHype had the first pic of Heavy Duty - pic
and finally, had the first pic of Destro (without the mask) - pic

All are really awesome. I am honestly getting more and more excited about this film. But I can't deal with these multiple sites. I have to say my absolute favorite blog for info on the movie is still I endorse them to the fullest as you know the members there are the most hardcore of fans. That's how I just read about the story that reportedly says Shipwreck will NOT be appearing in the film... what happened?! I thought they had The Rock basically locked in... sigh. I guess we'll have to wait for the sequel.

Anyhow, G.I. Joe is filming now, and will be released on Aug 7th, 2009.

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