Friday, May 16, 2008

The Buck is back

You knew it had to happen, Buck Rogers is coming back to the big screen. According to Variety the pulp hero will be making his most recent jump to the silver screen care of Nu Image and Millennium Films who recently acquired the rights. Whether this will be another Battlestar Galactica update (good) or Bionic Woman (bad) has yet to be seen.

I am pretty interested in this though, I have to say I don't think I ever watched the 70s tv series, but from what people tell me it was pretty cheesy and awesome in the classic BSG kind of way. Also the story it itself is interesting. A man out of time, trying to make his way in the strange new future. its very Andromeda (well probably reverse that to be more accurate ;) ) And other than the awful sounding robot companion, I could see this being a fun romp. But the question remains, should this really be a movie, or would a tv series work better. I know the recent Flash Gordon show didn't fare too well, but Buck Rogers sounds like it might have something going for it a bit more than Flash does. Besides any property that can survive as long as Buck Rogers has, in so many different incarnations, must be doing something right. Not that FG hasn't been around for a long time too...

When this story broke it looks like IGN was reporting that Frank Miller of Sin City fame was attached to the project, but that appears to be totally false for now. That said, a director of his level is probably what this kind of an update needs.

Well have to see where this one goes in times to come. For now, lets just enjoy a piece of history...


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