Thursday, May 22, 2008

A juicy Spidey rumor

Last week Cinematical ran a juicy little rumor that's just too cool not to share. Apparently the word is that James Vanderbilt, screenwriter on Zodiac and upcoming comic book films X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and DCs The Losers, has just turned in a working draft script for Spider-Man 4 to Marvel and Sony. And the even better news, is that the script he turned in actually encompasses 2 films, and that now the studio is flirting with the idea of trying to make two Spider-Man films back to back! That's right we might get a Spider-Man 4 and a Spider-Man 5 together! I think that would be awesome!

Nothing of course is official, but Sony will undoubtedly have to work hard if they expect to get the stars and Sam Rami back for 2 films. My guess is that they can't. And I suggest that is a good thing. Spider-Man is bigger than any one creative team. Its even bigger than one not so great movie. The character has proven it's mettle in comics for over 40 years now and has consistently remained one of if not the most enduring title Marvel has. I think the movie franchise can survive too without the Maguires and Dunsts of the world.

I'm trying to think what a two film arc might be about for Spider-Man, but its just too much to go on. It could be anything. My hope is that we might see some version of Kraven the Hunter on the screen. Maybe Kraven's Last Hunt? Man that would be just wizard. We'll see what, if anything becomes of this. Hopefully something good.

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