Monday, May 12, 2008

Captain America speculations

After last weeks awesome announcement by Marvel concerning their future film slate it seems like the internet fanboys collectively jumped up and down with excitement. And one films that really caused that buzz was the newly announced The First Avenger: Captain America. While as far as has been announced there is no script in place for, and that title of First Avenger is only even a 'working' one; there is already a fair bit of speculation on who will get to wear the red white and blue of Steve Rogers though.

And so far all signsd seem to be pointing to Matthew McConaughey. Both CinemaBlend and Latino Review picked up the scoop on this earlier in the week. But even they make note to mention how this is really at the extremely early stages of the game. Right now the studio should be making wish lists and that's about all.

For my money I think I might actually be alright with McCoughaney. He's definitely got the look down. We'll just have to see how this film gets a developed once Marvel gets going on Thor.

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