Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live by the code...

I know how excited you all are about the new and improved 90210 tv series being put together for the Fall on CW. Well we've been getting a lot of details now as the show has started going into production. And even a little video :) Obviously based on the classic series Beverly Hills 90210, this new show seems like rip off in just about every way. I know I was expecting much closer to Gossip Girl, but frankly this seems... tame. Oh how times have changed since those innocent days. Although we won't really know what we're getting into until next fall.

In some 'you knew it had to happen' news, Jennie Garth, aka Kelly has signed on to the show as a reoccurring role of the West Beverly High guidance counselor. And now reports are surfacing that Tori Spelling is set to have a cameo in the pilot, and Ian Ziering is now said to be expressing interest in making an appearance. Fingers crossed we'll get some Jason Priestly sometime :)

And it should definitely be noted that aside from beloved Aunt Becky, Lori Laughlin; Melrose Place alum Rob Estes has signed on as the patriarch of the protagonist family.

What do you think? Is this going to be utter crap or sheer brilliance? Will it reach the heights of The O.C. or are we looking at another One Tree HIll?


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I give it 1.75 seasons.