Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Moon hitting the western world

According to a very cryptic little story in Variety Sony Pictures has picked up the english language distribution rights for a little film called The Moon. The film is a sci fi that star Sam Rockwell and was filmed last year in the UK. It's also interestingly enough being directed by David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones and is the DJ and designers feature film debut.

Little is said about the actual plot of the film. According to Variety the "Story centers on a man who mines the precious gas that holds the key to reversing the Earth's energy crisis." umm... ok. whatever. Is this a sci fi or an eco-documentary. Thankfully Ain't it Cool News has a bit more info on the film saying it's "about a man stuck on the moon with nobody but his clone to keep him company. There was a real effort to make this a lived in space... the sets looked a lot like the original Alien." So, it apparently actually takes place on the moon.... well why didn't they say that in the first place? Anyhow, with a fuller description it sounds like it might be a cool idea. I seem to remember some old Outer Limits or Twilight Zone that took place on some desolate distant planet and starred one man and his robot all alone working on the early stages of terraforming the world. It was a great psychological piece, and I could see something thats a mix of that kind of Silent Running-esque isolation and an ecological crisis to be pretty compelling.

We'll see how this comes along. Since the film is already complete, hopefully we can see a trailer sometime soon. I know I'm interested.

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