Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Next Avengers trailer

Although it officially debuted on Marvel.com today, here is the trailer for Next Avenger: Heroes of Tomorrow. that's been sitting on youtube for two months now. This is Marvel's next direct to dvd animated film and is set to come out August 28th, '08.

I have to say, I'm definitely a fan of the new look. The trailer is really just a teaser, but the team; which was an original creation for this film, have a great vibe to them. Its like the creators just got to take what was best from all the current heroes and make even awesomer new one. Check out this pic of the team in action poses :)

For a better look at the film I highly recommend you check out the behind the scenes featurette on the Doctor Strange dvd, you can also see it online via IESB. It is really excellent. I know I'm definitely looking forward to this dvd. So far the Marvel animated films have been excellent, here's hoping this one will continue the trend.

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