Monday, March 10, 2008

Vaughn gives Thor update

Only thing is, there's almost nothing to say. Empire Online got a few words with him at their recent awards show and director Matthew Vaughn says that the Thor movie, much like Ant Man is in a "holding pattern". Although he seems upbeat about it all saying “I think you have to respect that it is comic book and silly to be frank, so you have to combine that with a modern style and hopefully come up with something fresh. I think we can come up with something special.” Unfortunately there's still nothing much to really say, until Marvel announces their decision on whats next on their plate.

Vaughn did mention that he intends to cast a total unknown in the lead role. A smart move if you ask me. The character is so 'bigger than life' that only someone the audience has no preconceptions about would fit.

As I've mentioned before, I personally expect Thor to be the movie Marvel commits to for 2009, but we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully they'll announce something soon...

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