Sunday, March 30, 2008

why Mr. T rules...

In news of the totally awesome, Mr T has done it again. After pitying the fools for years now (no small feat if you ask me), and stoppin with all the jibber jabber, Mr T has finally FINALLY shown us all how to throw down a gods honest miracle when required.

According to this story, Mr T actually brought someone out of a coma with his very presence... It doesn't say exactly when this happened, but that's just how humble T is. This was probably years ago and he's only now just mentioning it. Apparently a boy in Detroit, fell into a coma back in the 80s. Although he was generally unresponsive, he would move his arm whenever anyone mentioned Mr T's name. And since he had a Mr T doll by his bedside, something I definitely wish I had, the words were spoken pretty regularly.

Then in Ts own words to Empire magazine ""Somebody told the doctors I was in town, so they called me down there. I closed the curtains and prayed. Then, as I was walking down the hall, the kid suddenly came out of the coma and hollered out."

Wow! Now that's just totally amazing; Mr. T is so The Man. Here's hoping the give him a cameo at elast in the upcoming A-Team film.

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