Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harbinger of good movies

Paramount and Brett Ratner are bringing the classic comic book series Harbinger to life on the big screen. What never heard of it? well, no worries, neither had I. But its a book that was created by comic book legend Jim Shooter and has a really awesome sounding plot.

According to wikipedia the comic book story revolves around these people with psyonic abilities, like telepathy, telekeniseis, and mind control. These people are called called Harbingers and hide their powers from the world (think Scanners). The plot chronicles a war between two factions of Harbingers, one good one bad, both badass. Toyo Harada is the baddie, a wealthy industrialist who has used his powers to create a multinational corporation where he can recruit more Harbingers and slowly take over the world, 'for its own good' of course. And our hero is 17 year old Pete Stancheck, a regular kid who gets thrown into a world above his head. But after being tempted by the dark side he decides to form a resistance to fight Harada's evil power grab.

Sounds like a cool story to me. I know Brett Ratner leaves a sour taste in many people's mouths, but I think he might do well with something like this. At the least it'll be bring another cool book to light that might have gone on in the shadows, unknown and unread. And that's a good thing no matter what. What becomes of the film is anyones guess so far.

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