Sunday, March 02, 2008

Warner's gets smart with ideas

So as we should all know by now, There is a Get Smart movie in the works. It comes out on August 15th, and I think looks pretty funny. Check out the trailer.

I mean, maybe it won't be the funniest movie ever, but it definitely looks decent enough for a rental. And I'm sure if I was a bigger fan of the original tv series I would be all over the film, but frankly it was a bit before my time. Just ever so slightly...

Some really interesting news has come out of Warner's recently regarding the film. Sci Fi Wire reports that the secondary characters Bruce and Lloyd, played by Masi Oka, and Nate Torrence are going to be getting their own spin-off film. And not in a year or two; they are actually going to be getting a spin-off movie that will be direct to dvd, and come out within a few weeks of the theatrical release of Get Smart. The characters as far as I can tell are the techhie guys and provide zany comic relief. Well more zany comic relief. The spin-off is unfortunately not set to feature Steve Carell at all.

While kind of cool in and of itself, the implication is also made that this, multi platformed media onslaught is all part of a new business plan for Warners. Get Smart director Peter Segal, who did not direct the spin-off film, said its "a new idea that Warner Brothers is trying to do, and we are sort of the maiden voyage." I have to say I think this is a great idea. I know there are lots of times I've watched a film, and been more interested in the secondary characters than the predictable main plotline. Or even just being able to get more backstory in general, is a great idea.

What other upcoming Warner films do you think would benefit from this kind of treatment? I's have to go immediately for something like Speed Racer, although here's already the animated series on the way. How about Ender's Game, if that ever gets made actually, but Bean's story is an obvious choice there. The Watchmen film is another great chance, and Warner's is stepping up already on that with a plan to release an accompanying anime film, of The Black Freighter, starring none other than Gerard Butler.

This is a great plan of action for Warners and I hope other studios follow suit. It doesn't have to be as big a budget as the main property, but when I like a film I want to see a lot of it. And if it comes to an extra little direct to dvd film, or an accompanying anime, or tv series spinoff; planning ahead of time to make something that can come together at the same time as the original just makes the most sense. We'll have to wait and see what other films get this extra special treatment, hopefully it'll be all the ones I like most.


Anonymous said...

the Ender's Game movie, which I was just discussing the other day how cool it would be if they did a movie of it is already slated to cover Bean's story as well. I really thought what would work would be releasing both movies at the same time. They are the same story so to have the same movie from both perspectives... how rad. Has it ever been done before? I seem to recall the concept, but can't think of it. What I feel is that someone came out with a film quite a bit later than the original film and just made the story from the perspective of another character. What was it?!?



Anonymous said...

the best news? I just did some reading on some older blogs on ender's game... apparantly they have OSC doing the writing. That would be v. good.