Friday, March 21, 2008

James Carson online

In sort of an odd little story this week. mentioned how this famed movie artist and production designer James Carson has launched an official website. The weird thing is, obviously, why is this news? I mean did they report when I started AIASL?! no... exactly. Well, unlike me, Carson is an incredibly talented illustrator, and has worked on a ton of amazing projects over the years. If you've ever gone to the source on these kinds of things, found the artists personal blogs and kept your eye out there, you often find the really juicy stuff. Just talk to any of the Gaiman or Whedon fans out there. They know ;)

So what exactly is on the James Carson official website?! Well a LOT of stuff. Odd and fantastic production art from all sorts of films, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man 3, I Am Legend, MI:III, Men in Black II, Hulk, and on and on... The one that really got me sucked in though was Carson's take on the ultimately doomed film version of Superman Lives to be helmed by non other than Tim Burton. I really recommend you check out his gallery. It's pretty awesome stuff to see what might have been if only things had been different...

That reminds me of a story. if you've got some time, go check out this great audio story. I love alternate realities...

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