Saturday, March 01, 2008

quick Astroboy update

Following the announcement only a few weeks ago that a new director, David Bowers, of Flushed Away fame has stepped onto Astroboy, we have even more news today. The vocal talents of the teen whose in everything at the moment Freddie Highmore has been cast as the voice of Astro. Is this good news? meh... I guess its moving along. I don't have anything specifically against Highmore, other than a general unsubstantiated annoyance with him. But that's probably irrational. I'm sure he'll be fine, and hey, the film itself should be a good time, right?


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Anonymous said...

He's getting to be too ubiquitous. I think that's the issue. I'm afraid that he'll burn out too soon.

At least the Harry Potter kids had something to grow with that brought them to us as grown-ups as well.

Anywho, those're my two cents.