Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bone to the big screen

Some great news for comic to film fans everywhere, the fantastic comic series Bone by writer / artist Jeff Smith has been picked up by Warner Brothers for development.

The series which is fairly well known and yet still outside mainstream books follows the three Bone cousins, who are not exactly human, as they travel out of their home and find themselves in the big wide world. This is a fantasy series that featured talking animals, and lots of laughs. But it also showed real emotion, and serious relationships. The most significant characteristic though would be pure adventure. Because of course the beloved valley is in danger. The Lord of the Locusts in on the warpath and it might just be up to Fone Bone, our hero, and his friends including the Great Red Dragon, and beautiful warrior woman Thorn to stop him.

Apparently back in the 90s the property was in development at Nickelodeon but Jeff Smith halted the development process after learning how they intended to only target a children's audience in an animated version of the story, and wanted to include songs by the likes of Britney Spears and N'Sync. Of course, while it might have been successful I think anyone whose actually read the books can say this story deserves better.

This new production is still in the very early stages, but just to have the news of development out there is good news. Whether the Bone movie will take a live action or animated form has yet to be determined.

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