Sunday, March 30, 2008

X-Files 2 poster

Its actually kind of funny to think of the new X-Files film as a sequel. I mean obviously it is a sequel to the series itself, but technically this is the second incarnation of the franchise in its cinematic form. Despite the fact the Fight the Future was made, when? like 10 years ago?!

Anyhow, a teaser poster for the film has landed online, and I suppose its pretty cute.

Word is, there will be a subtitle to this one, but the studio and creative people are arguing over what exactly that should be. According to AICN the film, which as was already announced, is set to be a basically stand alone story and will be set some 6 years after the events of the series. it will be "removed from the alien mythology of the TV show, a throwback to the show's "monster of the week" episodes. Still, some lingering aspects from the series, like whether Scully's child will be a normal tyke, will be addressed." And of course we know this all jives nicely with the spoiler filled plot rumors that were reported earlier on this film. I'm personally still undecided on this one. It really could go either way.

X-Files 2 comes out July 25th, '08.

UPDATE - The official website is now online. Also, CHUD reports that they've heard the entire werewolf storyline is actually complete bull... we shall see...

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