Sunday, March 16, 2008

A storm of Segel

One of the funniest young comedic talents to come out of the Apatow camp has to be Jason Segel. He has been great in everything I've seen him in. From Freaks and Geeks to How I Met Your Mother, and Knocked Up he is always awkwardly entertaining. And like a lot of Apatow's other crew, he's really not traditionally handsome, but damn he is funny.

His new film Forgetting Sarah Marshall is starting to get some good buzz now. Check out the trailer.

Nice eh? The film comes out on April 18th, '08 and I hope its a big hit. The film is being directed by first timer Nick Stoller, who cut his teeth on Apatow's Undeclared. If you want even more, you can check out this blog. Should definitely be a good one.

But that's not all, Stoller, Segel, and Apatow have another project in the works, according to Variety they've set up a film called Five Year Engagement with Universal. The film described as "a bawdy, couples comedy, charts the five-year engagement of a man and his fiancee, following the ups and downs of their relationship." It will be written by Stoller and Segel, with Stoller set to direct and Segal to star once again.

But even that's not all! More exciting new, and this is probably the coolest one yet. In the film Sarah Marshall, Segel's character stages a musical version of Dracula that he's written starring puppets. Yes seriously, check out this vid of Segel in character introducing us to Dracula :) Anyhow, all of the puppets made for the film were custom made by the Henson creature shop. And Segel had such a good time with the experience that at a general meeting with some of the Henson execs he got up the courage to pitch his idea for a new Muppet movie to them, and they loved it. According to Variety, Segel and Stoller are both attached and will once again team up to write the script.

Finally... This is a time of war, we need a new Muppet movie. And we definitely needed a new take on it. This sounds like it could be exactly what's called for. I love the Muppets and really look forward to this kind of fresh influence. Segel and Stoller, sounds like a team to watch.

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