Saturday, March 15, 2008

TV on the rebound

Finally there are a few things to watch on television. Finally, finally I won't have to wait through another round of My Dad is Better than Your Dad, or the dreaded Moment of Truth. The times they are a changing. It seems like development deals are all over the place these past two weeks or so, and spirits are high with old shows finally starting to return to the airwaves and new shows getting their due. The writers strike may have claimed a few casualties along the way, but ultimately it was a necessary step that I think really will help the industry. Now the question remains, will SAG follow suit and walk off the job this coming summer... Hopefully that's not why the deals seems so fervent recently, hopefully people aren't just working in desperation preparing for the next big blow. We'll have to see where we are in a while...

For now lets be happy. Lost is, and has been going strong for the last few weeks, Juliet's episode not withstanding. This past weeks Sun and Jin story was simply fantastic, and next week we'll finally get to see what happened to Michael in this seasons mini cliffhanger. Very exciting stuff. I thought that the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles finale was excellent. Brian Austin Green as an addition to the cast is perfect and if a second season does get approved I sure hope he returns permanently. Breaking Bad has a wonderful season finale. And some of the new shows that are starting up like New Amsterdam show potential. It's a good time for tv.

The really solid show that no ones watching Friday Night Lights has been renewed for a third season. This show has been on the verge of cancellation for a while now, but this new deal NBC has struck is really interesting. According to Ausiello's report over at TV Guide, NBC has partnered with Direct TV and will share costs on the show. Direct TV will probably getting first crack at airings, followed in suit by NBC. Weird I know, but anything to keep the show on the air is good.

And speaking of shows that you thought were gone getting a comeback, NBC looks to be renewing the uber long, and mostly annoying ER for a 15th season. sigh... just so long as my hero John Stamos has a job. In actually exciting news though the rumors of Scrubs return for a final season look to really by true. Scrubs is going back into production for an 18 episode final season, only its moving over to ABC!

New shows are making their appearances all over the place too at the moment. Obviously New Amsterdam, but there's Canterbury's Law (apparently a courtroom version of House), Unhitched, Oprah's Big Give all of which have had premieres in the last few weeks. And upcoming shows Miss Guided (which I think honestly looks funny), and The Return of Jezebel James. I haven't had a chance to check these all out but whether they last or not, I definitely would like to investigate more. Metacritic has a good run down of shows upcoming for this mid season.

Old fun shows like How I Met your Mother (with upcoming guest star Britney Spears! and new love interest Sarah Chalke!), Big Bang Theory, and I believe New Adventures of Old Christine are returning with new episodes this week. And ratings powerhouse Grey's Anatomy is coming back in two or three weeks as well. Of course my wife is probably most excited about the premiere of the new (and British) Bachelor series. But I personally am more into the new season of South Park which started this past week, and the always entertaining Big Brother.

The Hollywood Reporter has put together a snazzy little article about shows 'on the bubble' and where we might find them once upfronts are announced for next season. Check out their list as well. Some of the things I find it most interesting that they speculate that Terminator should be coming back, which is awesome, and makes sense with the buzz that is sure to grow as the new movie gears up for release. Jericho, the show saved by the fans, is not likely to make a comeback though. Rumor has it the producers had two versions of the final episode shot, one for if it gets picked up, and one if it isn't. Shows that should probably be canceled are likely to comeback: Prison Break, According to Jim, and Moonlight; and others like Reaper and Aliens in America are not. And the really ridiculous Knight Rider series looks like it will become a reality.

Finally a few brand new shows are on the horizon for us to speculate about. Totally unasked for, the CW is planning an updated version of Beverly Hills 90210. NBC looks to be signing Christian Slater into his first regular tv role as a Jekyll & Hyde style character who one day wake up from his boring suburban life to find that his alter ego is a super spy. Mitch Hurwitz, the man behind Arrested Development is putting together a new primetime animated show for FOX called Sit Down, Shut Up about a self centered high school faculty. And the short lived 90s show Cupid, about a man who believes Zeus has given him the mission of matching couples, is making a comeback on ABC in a new re-imagining.

We're sure to get more info on these and more as we move into the Spring. One thing for sure, tv is definitely on the rebound; both on air, and in development. And this revitalization is exactly what we need now. The break has far been too long. Thank goodness for television.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you agree with me about Knight Rider... at least that's what I understood from your "the ridiculous" comment.

Otherwise, I've started on Jericho... and am mixed on that. Any 'House' this year? That's what I really want.. .but wait... I don't have internet at home I really won't be able to see anything ever again!


It'll do the mind well to have a break.

As to these posts, I'm resorting to coffee shop e-mailing....


Chappy said...

Well I appreciate that you take the time still, even though you can't watch these shows now. Maybe you should get a netflix account and start going through all the dvds you've been missing...