Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Star Wars updates

Thanks to AICN for pointing the way to this great Collider article that went up today about the new Star Wars animated and live action tv series. It's a really interesting read and I suggest you head over to check out the entire story. Of course, having done the reading for you here are the salient details...

- Both shows will be considered canon
- The animated show is going to be aimed squarely at kids, with the hope that adults will join in, I mean, it is Star Wars after all...
- The live action series will be dark, and should garner a PG-13 rating, or whatever the tv equivalent is
- While the live action show has not as of yet been sold to any network the talk is that it might go to something like Showtime or even HBO, and will run in short seasons of maybe as little as 12 episodes (which will make it take a long time to reach the proposed 100 episodes)
- Think Deadwood meets he Sopranos for the live action series
- The Skywalker story is really and truly finished, there is no plan to have them appear on the live action show
- The live action show might very well feature as main characters a mob family
- As we already know the animated show will take place between episodes II and III, and the live action between III and IV

Sweet, sweet, sweet. I would really love for the live action series to follow a mob family. I always love the Black Sun stuff in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and I think this could be cool. Also, I like the point that they're really going to try to make it dark, trying to make it honestly cool again. That's all really good stuff.

The Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series kicks off in theaters this summer, on Aug 15th, with the first 3 episodes in movie form. And the as yet untitled live action series is still at least a year or so away from being really to go to air. I personally can't wait for both. They're going to be great. And yes, I've been burned somewhat by Star Wars in the past, we all have... But I have faith that the Lucas crew can bring it home for something great here. I really do.

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