Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tropic Thunder lands online

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. are all starring in this could be hilarious new film called Tropic Thunder, which although coming out this very August, has somehow flown pretty much under the radar. This past week though, a teaser image found its way online which automatically caught the web's attention as it shows Robert Downey in full blackface, and then just a day or two ago this teaser website launched with a pretty funny age restricted trailer. Check out the site HERE.

Pretty crazy photo eh?

The movie, according to wikipedia, is about a group of self obsessed actors and a filmmaker trying to make a Vietnam war movie. But after it goes way over budget and the studio cancels the production; the frustrated director takes his actors literally deep into the jungles of SE Asia where they end up in the middle of an real civil war. Stiller plays Tug Speedman, a self obsessed action hero movie star and the lead role in the film. Black plays a comedian turned drug addict who is best known for playing multiple parts in his films. And Downey Jr. plays Kirk Lazarus, an Academy Award winning actor who is so method that he dyes his skin black to play his part in the film.

Seems all kinda kooky to me. Will it be good? I haven't decided, but the caliber of stars is a good sign. We'll probably have to wait to see more as we get closer to the Aug 15th release date.

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