Wednesday, March 12, 2008

J.C.V.D. the movie!

Ok, so anyone whose known me for a while should know of my honest love for all things Jean-Claude Van Damme. Honestly he was always one of if not my absolute favorite action hero. The man made a few great films, and a lot of really funny "great" films. I feel a bit bad that his career took something of a nosedive; but honestly pretty much every actors does. Thats just the lifecycle of fame. It only last for the very very few. So when I saw this trailer today on Ain't it Cool News I was really excited.

Jean Claude Van Dame, back in action in a really quirky film, that takes place in Brussels, and is in French, and stars JC as... himself?! exactly. WTF is going on. Well, as Vern over at AICN puts it, this movie is closest in tone to seeing John Malkovich star as himself in Being John Malkovich. J.C.V.D. is a film, a quasi real biopic, that features parts of Jean Claude's real life. He's in it as himself, he has been involved with a few scandalous drug issues, and is in a very real way acknowledging that his career is not even remotely what it used to be. The point where this film differs from reality, as far as I know, is where Jean Claude travels back to his home to fight and lose a messy custody battle for his daughter, then he loses all his money, and in an odd turn of events is mistaken for a bank robber. From there apparently it falls into a sort of Dog Day Afternoon. Seriously... totally out there, eh?

ok, enough talk, check out the trailer for J.C.V.D. and tell me what you think...

Pretty strange eh? Strange, but maybe what the aging star needs right now for his career. I hope so. JCVD was never a bad actor, he just took cheesy scripts. There was a point in college where I owned almost every single movie he had made... about 25 or so. Just check out something like Legionnaire and you'll see. Van Damme does have some skills to bear. I hope this is a film that can breathe new life into our perceptions of him. So far he's on the right track, especially if the rumors that he turned down Rush Hour 3 (which he obviously wasn't in) and the new Street Fighter films are true. J.C.V.D. does not have a solid U.S. release date yet, and I'm not sure it even has a US distributer, but I sure hope it makes it to our screens.

If you're interested in more check out this really weird promo for the movie. Its a scene of JC crashing the casting session for this very film; and forcing them to hire him as himself...


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