Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fantastic Four no more???

Is it just me or is Chris Evans kind of a chump? This past week he made statements to MTV saying he doesn't think there will be another Fantastic Four film. As we all know Evan's played Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch in the films, to decidedly mixed reviews. When asked by MTV, he said “I’m pretty sure we won’t do [another] one. I’m assuming that one is a closed book.”

His reasoning? In his words “After the first one was released we got wind of potential titles and plots [almost immediately], and I’ve heard nothing from anyone at Fox [yet], We had all planned on doing [another] one but if there were going to be a third I think a week after the second one was released we would have heard.” ... hmm. I'm not so sure that makes sense. I think more likely Marvel is just re-prioritizing a bit. I mean, do you think we've seen the last of the Spider-Man films? Of course not. Marvel is just going to let some of their other characters have a chance. I mean they can literally only make so many movies at once. And especially now that they are trying to reign in their various licenses and produce their films 'in house' as it were, they really are on a short leash as to what can be done when. So is Fantastic Four 3 more of a priority than say a Captain America film? I don't think so. But does Marvel want to make a FF3? I bet you they do. Despite the acknowledged shortcomings of both the previous FF films, I think fans and filmmakers alike agree that the series has potential. Besides, even if they weren't critical successes; they were financial ones and in many ways that more important in determining the future of the franchise. The closest Marvel itself has come to making a statement on it is that Marvel pres Kevin Feige has mentioned that the Silver Surfer spinoff movie has been moved to the forefront of development. That sounds exactly like re-prioritizing to me.

Evans in a move sure to piss fanboys off (well at least it pisses me off), continued his talk noting that “It takes up a lot of time. It’s a big commitment,” and “I’m happy with walking away.” Of course he quickly followed that up by saying how is the Human Torch was to ever make a cameo in a Spider-Man or a Hulk movie, he'd be all for it... sigh... what a dick.

Despite all this, it should definitely be noted that Evans' costars from the first two films, Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis have both gone on record as saying they look forward to another Fantastic Four movie, and have both even suggested potential plotlines.

Maybe they should just let Chris Evans walk away. Maybe he should just go make more movies like London. haha.. ok, enough of that. I'm pretty positive there will be another FF film, whether it comes in any kind of a timely manner, or who is involved I wouldn't want to say, but I do think it will happen. And as for Evans, you can read the rest of his interview here. And my advise to him, would be to not badmouth his own films...

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