Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Browder vs the Greeks

One of my favorite genre tv stars, Ben Browder, of Farscape and Stargate SG-1 fame has announced that he is working on a surprising and intriguing mini-series with his former Farscape director Andrew Prowse. It's a modern day, real world meets Greek mythology meets science fiction, series called Going Homer.

According to Sci -fi Wire "The miniseries follows a modern American 12-year-old boy, named Homer Ulysses Jones, who can see Greek and Roman gods walking among the populace. Homer and his father run away together after a fierce custody battle and head to the home of their ancestors in Ithaca, N.Y."

ummm. ok, alright I'm rolling with it I guess... so far... I get how tough things might be for a boy dealing with a messy custody battle. Especially if he has to grow up with a name like Homer. But I think a lot will depend on where the story actually goes from there.

Browder has said that he really is excited to bring some of these characters to life. The big three: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades of course are at the top of his list, but what other elements of Greek mythology will be addressed has yet to be disclosed. I suppose its not surprising. Browder's was on Stargate for a number of years, which is a show really heavily steeped in all walks of mythology including Greek.

The miniseries is still in development, as the dynamic duo work through their second draft of the "weighty" script. But I've no doubt we'll be hearing more on Going Homer, which is sure to end up on Sci Fi channel before too long. I know I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for hottie Tethys to make an appearance. Or do you think the Titans are too neuveau for this one???

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