Sunday, July 06, 2008

2012 story details

A little while ago Latino Review featured some insight into an old script for what is to become Roland Emmerich's newest disaster opus 2012. Little was really known about the movie which is set to star John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and others. As details were pretty scarce before it might be of interest to read the full report on what exactly we can expect from the end of the world film. Of course you should bare in mind, the script reviewed at LR was an older one and elements are sure to have changed. Also note the script was reviewed by one of the sites readers, not one of the regular columnists as well. But for the sake of everyone interested I thought I'd go over some of the basic plot discussed in the review. What the heck is 2012 about? Join me for some paraphrasing fun. Like I said though, you might also want to go read the entire report online.

But for those of you still here, you'll probably be disappointed to hear that what they did share is unfortunately, what sounds to be a fairly standard and utterly predictable end of the world action film. Granted, no film with John Cusack can really be considered standard. But for what it is, nothing stood out as unique.

The movie, as you might expect deals with the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012. Although you know, now that I think of it, while I've heard about that prophecy a number of times, I'm not sure I know of any specific details about it... Regardless, the film apparently will only very loosely be tied into the Mayan prophecy of doom, and will have much more to do with a series of epic natural disasters, and mankind's attempts to survive.

The nominal protagonist is a chauffeur and aspiring novelist who is in the process of trying picking up his kids from his ex-wife's house in LA, and take them camping for the weekend when disaster strikes. When earthquakes, start racking the world our would be hero heads back to LA to rescue his ex-wife (ever notice how action films have such a traditionalist view of the family unit and work so hard to reinforce the nuclear family stereotype?! - it's kind of sad). Meanwhile, the oceans rock with tidal waves, fires rage, and tornadoes storm. We then catch up with the presidents daughter who seems to be heading up a mysterious covert agency that appears to be stealing the worlds greatest artwork. Whatever could they be up to??? Well when the chauffeur meets up with a 'crackpot' radio DJ, who conveniently has all the answers, we find out that the world is coming to an end... And he also knows why the military is barricading a portion of Yellowstone. They're up to something sneaky, that's for sure. The group along with other less important ensemble players all race to the government's ark being built in an attempt to survive the impending extinction level event. And we can expect the catastrophic forces of nature to do everything they can to stop them.

I predict a film as good, or maybe even slightly better than 10 000 BC!!! I hope its cooler than it sounds because so far, I'm not jumping up and down.

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