Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two new tv show trailers

As I mentioned yesterday there are two new shows that had trailers debut online recently. The first is for Sam Raimi's new family friendly sword and sorcery show set to premiere on ABC this coming November 1st. The show is called Legend of the Seeker, although it was until very recently to be known as Wizards First Rule, and is based on a series of books by fantasy writer Terry Goodkind, titled The Sword of Truth series. Check out the trailer.

The other new trailer is for a show we all know and love.... ok maybe not love. The new Knight Rider is coming to series this Fall after a great turnout to view the backdoor pilot last season. Check out this new trailer for the show

Thrilling I know. I just love the busting through the logo at the end, its totally awesome. And definitely how Val Kilmer questions Micheal's sexuality; that's guaranteed laughs. :) The show will premiere on NBC, September 24th.

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