Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No S*%t Sherlock

Well, you knew it was coming didn't you. I call this as the official jump the shark moment for Judd Apatow and crew. Too popular too fast. Everything branded as an Apatow gem, it basically had to backfire at some point and I think this is it.

Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat and Ali G fame will reportedly star as Sherlock Holmes in a new movie being written for Columbia by Etan Cohen, who just finished work on Tropic Thunder. And not only are we getting Sacha Cohen as a bumbling Sherlock, but we're also getting Will Farrell as Dr .Watson! I mean I get where they were coming from, but doesn't this seem like overkill???

The trades give zero hint as to the nature of the mystery Holmes will be tackling, but I'm sure it will be mysterious enough to warrant a few R rated hijinks. This is an Apatow production remember... And obviously this is totally separate to the already announced Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes project which I think we can assume will be more or less serious.

Am I crazy? Maybe I'm just being too hard on Borat.... this is a stupid idea right??? It's Men in Tights all over again...

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