Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lost Planet to the big screen

Some pretty cool film news out of the big annual video game convention E3 this week, Capcom's third person action shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is coming to the big screen care of Warners with Seaside Entertainment. The movie will make another foray into the world of film for Capcom who as you should know were behind the Resident Evil games, and of course Street Fighter.

The film is reportedly being written by Watchmen scribe, and voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter. Although plot details are under wraps the game Lost Planet as far as I can tell culled from wikipedia, deals with some pseudo-military homesteaders making a stand to claim the frozen world of E.D.N. III for mankind. They intend to drive off the buglike aliens called the Akrid, and find a mystical life giving energy source that could help terraform the world for man or could destroy them all. The protagonist is a hard ass amnesiac, who must contend with both the bugs and a duplicitous faction of humans bent on controlling the situation to their own nefarious ends.... isn't that always the way?

Anyhow, I think it sounds very cool. The gameplay looks like a lot of running around with big guns, and riding in sweet sci-fi tech, including some nice mecha. Check out this video of the game.

Pretty sweet eh? No word yet on when the film will be targeted for, but you can be sure we'll be hearing more on this soon enough.

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