Friday, July 25, 2008

Barrowman as Captain America?

Another great rumor for you fine folks today. Yesterday at SDCC after a panel, the Torchwood star John Barrowman was reportedly asked if there was any chance he might be playing or interested in playing Captain America in the planned upcoming First Avenger: Captain America movie.

And funnily enough Barrowman wasn't surprised at all. Although I hadn't heard his name bandied about he would make a fine choice. Reportedly after the stock answer of how much he'd love to play a role like that, and that Captain America was always his favorite hero, he admitted that his agents have been in discussions on that very issue.

Seems a bit out of the blue, but I have to think other than his name not being super recognizable to most of America, he might be a very decent choice. And if Marvel wants to play their cards really right they might just want to pick some young actor who is not all that well known. While Robert Downey Jr can transcend his stardom to become Tony Stark, maybe especially because his personal public past is somewhat reflective of Stark's fictional one I can definitely see some at Marvel feeling that a lesser known name might work better for the epitome of all that embodies America. Barrowman is a very good actor, and while not exactly what I'd envisioned for the part, I haven't any doubt he's got the chops for the role. I just wonder in terms of look... I mean I know hes got the square jaw, but isn't he just a bit... pretty? Kinda like Rob Lowe maybe...

We'll see how and if anything develops from this meaty rumor.

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