Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iron Man 2 seems to have a director

If you'll remember online about a month or so ago Jon Favreau stirred up some trouble by commenting generally on how Marvel was dragging their feet locking him down for Iron Man 2, and that he was concerned with their lack of communication, and seemingly rushed street date. Well it looks like we can just about collectively breathe a sigh of relief. A week or two ago there were some rumblings from the man himself that the horizon was looking brighter and Marvel was in negotiations with him. Check out this IESB exclusive video for a great interview with Favs where he talked about that, as well as some on The Avengers and his thoughts on Dark Knight. Now Deadline Hollywood has announced that they've been hearing that a deal has in fact been reached. While nothings been officially announced yet, it sounds like Favreau is set to take up the directors chair again for the planned 2010 sequel. All I can say, is thank goodness this is getting worked out now. Marvel made some good moves this summer, and I hope they continue the winning streak.

Also on a cool sidenote; in that IESB video interview with Favreau he says that he intends to include a Thor cameo in IM2. Sweet :)

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