Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Magdalena movie

As reported yesterday in The Hollywood Reporter, the Top Cow comic book Magdalena is set to come to the big screen. In the tradition of all the best Top Cow comics, Magdalena features well proportioned scantily clad women fighting demons, so you just know its going to be fun ;)

Reportedly being set up by Valhalla Motion Pictures, Platinum Studios, and Top Cow productions, the film will star the lovely Janna Dewan and Luke Goss in the lead roles. "Dewan is set to play Patience, a woman who discovers that she's a part of the lineage of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene who fight supernatural evil." and "Goss will play Kristof, an agent sent by the secret organization that has been the guardian of the lineage."

Sounds pretty cool to me. I've definitely seen the comic in stores from time to time, and despite the enticing cover I've always been more drawn to Fathom, or Witchblade when it comes down to this kind of thing. I think really I just never got into that religious kink. Anyhow, it still seems like a cool project. Check out this cover for the book.

We should hear a bit more about this project soon, as the actors are slated to appear at the Top Cow panel at comic con this week. Fun times.

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