Friday, July 25, 2008

Red Sonja poster

Well, apparently at San Diego Comic Con things are always happening. Today brings the first big day a few tidbits fell the way of the web for us mere mortals not lucky enough to be there. Like this sweet new poster for Red Sonja as seen over at MTV.

Or this cool Red Sonja t-shirt art seen from Comingsoon.

As I mentioned before, the film is set to star everyone's favorite machine gun legged hottie Rose McGowan, and will be produced under the watchful eye of Robert Rodriguez, and directed by Douglas Aarniokoski. Since no footage has been shot yet, all they had to reveal was this preliminary artwork. but McGowan and Rodriguez were on hand for question about the planned film.

While not too much new information came out of today's panel at SDCC, the one shiny piece of info that dropped is that Rodriguez is in early talks to produce the upcoming Conan movie as well. And that alongside Sonja and the planned Thulsa Doom, should really round out the universe extremely well.

Thulsa Doom is another Robert E Howard character, only not a barbarian warrior. Instead he is a dangerous necromancer, who we've actually seen on screen before as portrayed in his older years by James Earl Jones in Conan the Barbarian. But a new take on this character as well was recently announced as in the works, with Djimon Hounsous attached to produce and star.

So we've got three Robert E Howard characters from the same universe all converging to the big screen at around the same time? Must be kismet.

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