Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two films get directors

At least probably...

The first director in question, and the most reliably confirmed in the job is veteran Battlestar Galactica director Michael Rymer who as Variety reports is set to direct the Witchblade movie. Rymer, best known as a tv director, he actually just wrapped shooting the pilot of the upcoming show Revolution, has a few films under his belt like Queen of the Damned and Perfume: the story of a murderer. I have to wonder what kind of moody, atmosphere he will bring to the table with The Withcblade. It does seem like a good fit though. He seems like someone familiar with the unusual sides of storytelling, and if anything Witchblade strikes me as a project you'd want to approach... sideways.

The next report, strikes me as a bit rumory still, although since he's only reported to be "in talks" I suppose its not a huge deal either way. Although if confirmed it definitely will be. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that avant garde filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, in talking with MGM to take the helm on the Robocop movie! And whats more they are also reporting that Robocop will be a sequel, set in Los Angeles (not Detroit) 20 years since the original Robocop program has been terminated, and the film takes off as the city decides to reinstate the program. Crazy eh? I mean, can you really see the man behind Pi, Requiem For a Dream, and The Fountain making a Robocop film. I think it would have to be completely batshit crazy in a totally awesome way. you know? I say this is honestly stellar news for fans. Aronofsky should jump on this project. It'd be something that he could really sink some fangs into.

So that's all for now on this front. I'm stoked about both of these movies, and directors means progress, which is always good. Maybe we can start getting some casts together too. Now that's something I'll be looking forward to. Until then, we'll have to wait. Maybe we'll get something more out of comic con, I know I hope so.

UPDATE - its been confirmed now, Darren Aronofsky will direct Robocop based on a script by David Self. The film will also reportedly have a budget in the ^100 million range. sweet :)

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