Friday, July 18, 2008

The T-800

In another bit of Terminator Salvation news, we now reportedly have a new T-800. That was the model played so aptly be Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original films. It's also been a bit of a worry for fans as to how the new planned trilogy would deal with the lack of a Govenator. Well our fears should be allayed now, because Austrian actor and bodybuilder Roland Kickinger has been cast in the role.

Does he look like Arnold you ask? Well not exactly, but he's honestly not too far off, and maybe more importantly he's got the chops to pull off Arnold without overdoing it. You see, he has experience... Kickinger played Arnold in an A&E biopic called See Arnold Run. Check out this video of Kickinger in action.

For more on the man that would be Arnold, check out Kickinger's website. I think this should work out well. I know after seeing that teaser, I'm definitely getting more excited. I just hope in the next trailer we'll get a little more Sam Worthington.

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