Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer TV update

Hey kids, are you enjoying your television yet?

Summer season is in full swing and I thought I'd do a little check in. You know I posted about the summer season back when it was just about to begin, and I for one have to say it hasn't turned out as I'd expected at all.

The real winner of the Summer for me has got to be Swingtown on CBS. If you're not watching this you should be. Its a smart fun show that really balanced the 'swinging' 70s with a much more dramatic and realistic sensibility than I expected. This show had so much potential to fall flat on its face, but at episode 5 now, it really hasn't. Walking the the line of fun, retro-style and legitimate adult themes. Its an honest to goodness smart tv show; and on a major network! I think this is a gem of a show that I hope people enjoy. I'd love to see this show picked up and continue. If you have a chance check it out. All of the episodes have been posted online for free at Its not too late, the show being really character driven starts a bit slow, but by episode 2 or 3 you'll be right in the zone. Its well worth the investment.

What else have I been watching this summer? I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but I've been for the most part keeping up with So You Think You Can Dance. It's exactly what you expect, and I've been enjoying it. Honestly some of the dancing is just amazing. So far my favorite dancer is Joshua. He is just so amazingly talented and it really feels like he dances everytime right from the heart, its so totally genuine. Also I've become a huge fan of Mia Michaels choreography. She can create emotion with an intense immediacy that is just so astounding. I've only started watching this show this year and I think I might have to keep it up.

What else is on thats good? Why trash tv of course... My recommendations, The Two Coreys, and Denise Richards: It's Complicated. Both of these shows are great for different reasons. The Two Coreys is now in its sophomore year, and my god, it has upped the ante big time. This is a raw, and emotional show. Its really obviously a totally f---ed up real world drama that is being captured on film, and it is intense. This isn't a show where storylines have to be engineered to create a show, I think its a show that they just try to contain in a 30 minute segment. It's mesmerizing. But on the flip side of the reality tv coin Denise Richards is a fun and bubbly, and a real woman, in a kind of sad place in her life. I mean she's cool, and she tries to keep it real, but her life seems kind of lonely. The show thematically seems like a kind of therapy for her. Although I doubt they intend that to be how people view it. Every single episode is framed by her needs. What's good for her, what she needs to do, and what will ultimately make her happy, better, stronger, and more complete. I like the show because its kind of selfish, and I think even though they try to keep it light, and Denise's life is generally a bright place, and I think this kind of a voice will honestly help her out. Both of these shows are worth watching at least once or twice. For me though these shows are about the journey.

And you know what? That's mostly it. Really. There are a couple of shows I've been catching episodes of here and there but I just don't have the time or the inclination to watch much anything with any real regularity. Sure there's Metalocalypse, which is great, but lets face it... that's a 15 minute show... not a serious investment. I've enjoyed what I've caught of American Gladiators, I Survived a Japanese Gameshow, and Million Dollar Password, but other shows like In Plain Sight, and Charlie Jade.... Well I haven't even really given them a chance.

Am I missing out do you think? What am I not watching that I really should be???

I've spent a fair bit of time playing catch up on some older shows that I had started watching but gotten sidetracked on. Currently I'm working through Star Trek Enterprise, and Transformers Cybertron. But with all the work and travel I've been doing even those are slow going.

I suppose there's still a few surprises left in the summer. Flashpoint starts next week, as does my favorite guilty pleasure Big Brother, and The Cleaner. Later this month we've also got the excellent Mad Men and a few other newbies that could turn out interesting. For my money though, overall its been a pretty slow Summer. Check out AOLs upcoming show calendar for more.

While its nice to take a breather, I'm honestly already starting to look forward to the Fall. Although I think I'll probably have to start dedicating myself more seriously to this whole television thing. There's always so much to look forward to.

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