Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Captain Blood remake

Variety is reporting that Aussie film director Philip Noyce is developing a remake of Captain Blood for Warner Brothers. Noyce is the man behind a number of cool and interesting films over the years ranging from way back with the awesome Dead Calm, to Patriot Games, and The Saint, to The Quiet American, and Catch a Fire, so really this is right up his alley.

For those of you, which I assume is most, who have not seen the Errol Flynn classic Captain Blood follows "a doctor wrongly sentenced to slavery in the Caribbean, where he and his comrades become avenging pirates."Okay... I admit it, I can't remember this film myself. I know I've seen it, but honestly Errol Flynn's film The Sea Hawk was always more my style, and of course Robin Hood, alongside Don Juan kind of overshadows his career. According to wikipedia though the film Captain Blood was a great success, and propelled what was probably the first Australian actor into stardom. The film was even nominated for the Best Picture Oscar in 1935 but didn't win. So this sounds like a pretty decent pedigree.

Where Noyce and Warner takes this who knows. Hopefully they'll find some rising young Aussie hotshot who just needs a big break. I look forward to it. A little swashbuckling is always fun.

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