Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plastic Man rumor

Over at CHUD they recently reported on what they admittedly call a rumor. Granted that rumor came second hand from uber producer Joel Silver himself. Apparently he was on German radio talking mostly about Ninja Assassin, and he brought up the plan for the Wachowski's to follow up Ninja Assassin, and really more importantly the under-seen Speed Racer, with a film version of the DC hero Plastic Man.

Plastic Man, aka Patrick Eel' O'Brien, was a once a petty criminal, but after a botched robbery at a chemical plant caused him to fall into a vat of some kind of horrible Chemical X; Eel gained the power to amazingly stretch his body. Since then he has reformed his ways, and become something of a comical hero. Despite often being written as an excuse for Gumbification and goofy antics, the character has a good heart, and can be written very well. Anyone who's read Mark Waid's excellent JLA run, from the 90s with the Tower of Babel story followed by the Cathexis story will know that. And we know that the Wachowskis are fans of the character, having actually already written a script for the film.

The other big piece to this puzzle though is that reportedly Keanu Reeves is in talks to take on the leading role. Crazy I know, but they do already have a good working relationship and somehow I could see them pitching a mostly goofy stretchy superhero to Keanu and making headway.

Could be real, could just turn out to be rumor. Interesting nonetheless.


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