Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Brother 10 - week 1

Well Big Brother started again this week, and you know that means I'm going to be glued to the set watching. Thank goodness, I've managed to curb my addiction and not spend my waking moments reading Jokers Updates all the time anymore.... I'm sure that'll come though.

Every season I seem to tell myself ok, this year you'll just watch and be chill with it. Not stress if you miss an episode, and have fun. But that's not how it works. I get invested in these people, and I can't stop myself. For now though I'm still convincing myself that Big Brother is a fun little diversion. For now...

Big Brother 10 is a throwback to some of the older seasons of the show. It is apparently the first time since Big Brother 3 that none of the houseguests has known each other at all before entering. A very good idea if you ask me. After the Ex-factor, All Stars, and Till Death Do You Part, I think the fans just want a straightforward show for a season. This year its another crew of likely candidates, young and pretty people, many of which are not too bright living together for 3 months. And in the very first week, the backstabbing and gameplaying began hard.

I picked Brian as my favorite player by halfway through the first episode. Little did I know he would play his hand way too fast, or that Ollie would be such an untrustworthy creep. I think its too bad Brian's gone, he was the schemer, the manipulater and that's always a fun thing to watch unfold slowly. I do think that if he'd managed to make it through the first weeks elimination he would've lasted a fair ways, too bad for him.

As for the rest, I think I've picked my remaining favorites... It has to be Angie and Steven. But if you've ever watched this show you know that one week to the next can literally turn the entire audience against someone, so I hope I still like them in the weeks to come. For my money the worst people in the house are Renny, and Ollie, I also think that April might end up seriously getting on my nerves. We'll just have to see though.

So far the events have been good. Although the PoV was pretty sticky and gross at least it was funny. I did love the puppet show... Seems like this season is going to shape up pretty well. Next week... more drama.

If you missed an episode of BB you can watch them in full for free here. Sweet :)

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