Monday, July 14, 2008

Going Postal for Heroes

Heroes news is slowly going to start filtering our way, and I couldn't be happier. I'm really looking forward to season 3. I think the show will get back on the right track. And if the new 3 part webisodes are any indication I think we might just be glued to watching Heroes online for the rest of the summer too. Check out the trailer for the online only Heroes story, Going Postal. The first part of the web only exclusive will air on this Monday 07/14, with the final two parts to air the following Mondays for the next two weeks respectively. Check out the trailer.

Seriously, it sent shivers down my back when I first saw it. I love it. Heroes the actual show, will kick off its 3rd season on September 22nd, beginning the volume entitled "Villains"...

UPDATE - The first of the Going Postal webisodes has dropped online. It's called "A Nifty Trick" and you can watch it here.

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